How to Purchase a Domain Name on Amazon Route 53

I’ve been making websites since 2010, and I’ve used AWS cloud services to host several websites. However I never looking into what route 53 was until recently.

I decided to check it out about a week back, and ended up purchasing this domain name.

I feel that many people are hosting sites with AWS and yet managing their domain names with other companies. Which is fine, but personally I find it saves time to manage everything in one location, and AWS offers decent pricing with free domain privacy searches (I was paying for that with some domains I have on Godaddy).

I feel that Amazon is offering a good server at a good price and I want to tell others about it. So let me walk you the reader through the steps to purchase a domain with Amazon.

  1. Sign into your AWS account. If you don’t have an account learn how to set one up on my article on how to set up an AWS account.
  2. Click the Services button. Select the A-Z tab and then to down to the Rs and select Route 53. 
  3. Now you will be in the Route 53 dash board. From there click on the Register Domains tab on the left hand site. 
  4. From the Registered domains screen, click on the “Register Domain” button.
  5. From the “Choose a domain name” screen, one will be able to select a domain name and check its availability.  AWS Choose a Domain Name
  6. Add the desired domain to cart.
  7. Click continue.
  8. Verify contact details. From here privacy can be enabled if desired.
  9. Verify & Purchase, click “Complete  Purchase”, and you are done.

That’s it, now you have a domain name purchased through AWS.

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Andrew Obrigewitsch

Andrew is a Senior Software Engineer based out of Sacramento California, he works at are large software company that handles massive data sets. He builds both backend and frontend solutions to handle said large data sets. He is passionate about new technologies which make developing faster, easier and achieve more uniform and predication results.

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